Crabtree is a well-known brand of switches in India. While adhering to the top-notch engineering standards, Crabtree offers a range of high-quality modular switches which can add to the aesthetics of any space. Murano is one such delightful range of switches with glass switch cover frames/ plates, by Crabtree. Crafted with high-end UV stabilized and unbreakable polycarbonate material, Murano’s Glass Switch Cover Plates are available in the color option of Stone Beige, which lends a beautiful pearl finish to the cover frame.

The Stone Beige Cover Frames for switches by Murano are well-designed to correspond with the interiors of your space. These flame-retardant switch cover plates by Crabtree’s Murano have a distinctive dual knob locking mechanism for a better grip. Murano’s Switch Cover Plates in Stone Beige have also got sturdy inner plates with a rust-free powder coating, for a longer lifespan. Their crystal clear hardened glass plate offers a smooth pearl finish to impart an amazing look to the switch cover frame.

The Glass Switch Cover Plates in Stone Beige by Crabtree’s Murano are available in module options of 1 M, 2 M, 4 M, 6 M, 8 M and 12 M to suit your different application needs. Not like the earlier versions of switch cover frames, Murano’s Stone Beige Switch Cover Plates come with the flexibility to change them with new designs and colors, while keeping pace with your changing interiors.

Dress up your walls with Crabtree’s Murano range of sophisticatedly crafted glass cover frames/ plates in Stone Beige, render them an elegant pearl finish, and be ready to watch your guests in amazement!