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In our daily life, electrical switches are one of the most used surfaces – thus, these surfaces may become a virus transmission carrier unintentionally. During the ongoing pandemic, consumers have become extra cautious about their health and hygiene while using any physical product which requires touch. Havells India Limited, has launched India’s first anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches with ViruzSafeTM technology under the Crabtree brand for its electrical wiring devices portfolio.

Crabtree unique ViruzSafeTMTechnology has been tested for both Viruses & Bacteria which, within 1 minute of virus exposure on the exposed surface area of Switch knobs, Sockets, Front Plates etc. ensures 92.5 %* anti-viral efficacy and within 2 hours ensures 99.89 %* anti-viral efficacy. Along with this, it also ensures anti-bacterial efficacy of 99%* within 24 hours. Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial efficacies have been tested using International standards – ISO 21702 & JIS 2801 respectively. These features are introduced in Crabtree’s legendary Athena White and Signia White ranges . These ranges are innovated with ViruzSafe^TM technology (patent applied) for the above claim.

*Claims pertaining to anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficacies of switches are based on external test reports, tested in specific lab conditions and test results may vary within specified range.

As per efficacy level and time frame, anti-viral action ensures that the viruses are not transmitted upon by touch of switches to the users. Installing these switches will ensure substantially reducing chances of virus spread due to switch touch and safe environment for customers in their homes, offices and hospitals by avoiding transmission of virus & bacteria via Switches. Crabtree’s superior ViruzSafeTM technology ensures that these Switches are made up of natural extract which is blended with engineered plastic material & is non-cytotoxic in nature. It is recyclable, ROHS compliant and safe to the environment. With all this technology in place, the engineered plastic material have not been compromised on its properties & performance in electrical wiring loads.

These switches will be available through Havells offline and online retail sales channels. Havells has also launched anti-bacterial and anti-fungal switches last year under Crabtree brand.

General Terms and Conditions-

1. *Anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficacy of switches are based on external test reports, tested in specific lab conditions and thus test results may vary within specified range.

2. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficacy claim is effective for a period of two years.

3. These switches are meant for indoor usage and not for outdoor usage .

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