Crabtree has actually redefined the appearance of switches in India. With its expertise in manufacturing best switches, Crabtree is a renowned name in the modern switch industry. Crabtree offers an array of modern switches, switch cover plates, support modules and communication modules, under various collections.

Want to buy the best switches for your much loved space? Look no further! Murano has one of the best collections by Crabtree. The modern range of Murano features the best of modular switches, glass switch cover frames, and communication module. When we mention Communication Module by Murano, it is justifiable to talk about TV Sockets, USB Chargers, Data Outlets, and Tel Jacks with Shutters. Explore Crabtree’s Murano communication module which make the best buy products given their excellent transmission.

RJ45 Data Outlet - The Murano RJ45 Data Outlet features the best designing and offers the best-in-class transmission performance too. The Murano RJ45 Data Outlet is made from UV protected polycarbonate material.

USB Charger - Considering the modern user requirements, USB Charger definitely makes one of the best buy products of Crabtree’s Murano. The Murano USB Charger comes with a dust free glossy finish. Buy the Murano USB Charger and ease all your charging concerns.

TV Socket - The Murano communication module comprises of TV Sockets which are crafted out of flame retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material. Buy modern TV Sockets by Murano and experience the best performance.

RJ11 Tel Jack with Shutter - The communication module of Murano features a RJ11 Tel Jack with Shutter, which is build from fire retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material. Made in compliance with IEC/EN 60603-7, the Murano Tel Jack with Shutter renders the best transmission performance.

Buy the Murano Data Outlets, USB Chargers, TV Sockets and Tel Jacks with Shutters, and experience the best transmission performance.