Crabtree is a renowned brand for premium switches in India. Crabtree has a wide range of switches, MCBs, dimmers, dummy plates, indicator lamps, fan regulators, and switch cover plates, under different collections. Here we are talking about Crabtree’s Murano. Murano is a striking collection of elegant switches, support modules, switch cover plates, and other switch solutions. If we talk particularly about Murano support module, it includes high-quality MCBs, dimmers, indicator lamps, dummy plates and fan regulators.

MCBs - Murano Support Module features a range of MCBs with high endurance. Build in accordance with IEC/IS standards, the Murano MCBs come in pure white color with a dust free glossy finish. Crabtree’s Murano MCBs are helpful in protecting the expensive gadgets from overload and short circuits.

Indicator Lamp - Indicator Lamp is another product from Murano Support Module. Murano Indicator Lamp comes in pure white color with a dust free glossy finish. Indicator Lamps by Murano are useful to check the electric current.

Dimmer - The Murano Support Module has dimmers as well. Together with pure white color and dust free glossy finish, Murano Dimmers are neatly designed to fit well in assembly plates. Murano Dimmers are made out of UV protected and fire retardant polycarbonate material.

Fan Regulator - Murano Support Module also has highly-efficient and energy saving fan regulators. Along with dust free glossy finish, Murano Fan Regulators feature 360° rotation of the rotary switch, which enhances their lifespan.

Dummy Plate - Murano Dummy Plates are build from fire retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material. The neatly designed dummy plates are fitted in robust designed assembly plates that fit snugly on the wall.

Succinctly, Murano by Crabtree features a good support module in the presence of MCBs, Dimmers, Fan Regulators, Indicator Lamps, and Dummy Plates.