Crabtree is a well-known brand in the switch industry of India. Crabtree has always been associated with manufacturing premium switches in accordance with stringent quality standards. Crabtree offers a wide of range of switches, switch cover plates and other switch solutions, under different collections. Murano is a stylishly designed range of switches by Crabtree. The Murano range by Crabtree comprises of neatly designed switches, switch cover plates, support module and more. Murano’s Glassique collection is marked by chic glass cover frames, which are available in color choice of Arctic White.

The Murano range of Glass Arctic White Cover Frames is made from flame-retardant, UV stabilized unbreakable polycarbonate material. The Glass Arctic White Switch Cover Plates by Murano have a unique and effective dual knob locking mechanism, along with rust-free powder coated sturdy inner plates. Their crystal clear hardened glass plate lends a smooth finish for an overall classy look. The Glass Switch Cover Plates in Arctic White by Murano are available in a number of module options to meet your application needs.

Besides their elegant appearance, the best part about Crabtree’s Murano Glass Arctic White Switch Cover Plates is that they have got the flexibility to change with other colors or designs as per the needs, unlike the old ones. Once you’re through with a particular switch cover plate, or you need to harmonize your switch cover frames with the recently done wall paint, you can get it easily changed with other colors or designs without changing the entire switch set.

The Glass Arctic White Cover Frames for switches by Murano are absolutely stylish. Prettify your walls with Crabtree’s Murano range of brilliantly crafted Glass Cover Plates in Arctic White and let your guests be captivated with its allure!