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Looking to buy high-quality switches for your modern home? Look no further! As Crabtree, the leading manufacturer of home automation products, has got a premium range of switches and other modern switch solutions, you can rely on. It presents switches under different collections, and one such well-designed collection is Verona. Verona offers elegant switches, switch cover plates, support modules and communication modules. Talking about its communication module, Verona has TV Sockets with Shutter, USB Chargers, Data Outlets, and Telephone Sockets. Let’s take a look.

RJ 45 Jack with Cat 6 – It is crafted out of flame retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material which ensures no discoloration during lifespan. Made in confirmation of IEC/EN 60603-7, the data outlet by Verona gives the best transmission performance.

USB Charger - Verona USB Charger is certainly one of best buy products by Crabtree. It is made from fire retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material which ensures no color loss during its lifespan. USB Charger by Verona comes in a pure white color with a dust free glossy finish.

TV Socket - TV Sockets by Verona are constructed from flame retardant grade, UV protected polycarbonate material, and are designed well to fit snugly in the assembly plates. Made in compliance with industry standards, these TV Sockets offer an amazing transmission performance.

Telephone Socket Build from fire retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material, Telephone sockets with shutters have self extinguishing properties too. Verona telephone sockets have also deployed FR1 grade glass epoxy PCB for holding the TV co-axial wire effectively.