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Looking for smart switches for your newly owned space? Browse no further! Crabtree is a prominent brand synonymous with high-end home automation devices. It offers a variety of switches under different selections, and one such collection is Verona. Verona features an assortment of switches, switch cover frames, communication modules and support modules. Talking specifically about Verona support module, it offers an array of MCBs, dimmers, indicator lamps, blank plates, motor starter switches, and fan regulators.

MCBs - Manufactured in accordance with IEC/IS standards, these MCBs come in pure white color with a dust free glossy finish. Suitable for motor and AC load, Verona MCBs are helpful in protecting the expensive gadgets from overload and short circuits.

Indicator Lamp – The 6 A indicator lamp by Verona is crafted out of flame retardant UV stabilized polycarbonate material, which ensures no loss of color during its lifespan.

Dimmer - Together with pure white color and dust free glossy finish, Verona Dimmers are neatly designed to fit well in the robust assembly plates.

Fan Regulator - Verona also offers highly-efficient and energy conservative fan regulators. Along with a dust free glossy finish and pure white color, these fan regulators feature 360° rotation of the rotary switch which augments their lifespan.

Blank Plate - Verona Blank Plates are crafted out of flame retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material. The neatly designed blank plates get fitted well in assembly plates to fit snugly on the wall.

Motor Starter Switch - Tested for 10,000 electrical operations, Motor Starter Switches ensure high endurance and can efficiently save the expensive gadgets like AC, motor, pump from overload.