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Crabtree is a renowned brand for home automation products that has crafted a niche for itself in the market. If we talk about premium switches, Crabtree is the first name that comes to our mind. It designs the best range of products considering the aesthetics along with the professional expertise. The brand boasts of a most modern switch range under various collections. Verona is one of its elegant collections that feature switches, switch cover plates, flush metal boxes, support modules, and other switch solutions.

If we talk particularly about a flush metal box, it has got many features that make this metal box one of the best buy products by Crabtree.

• Verona metal boxes are manufactured from rust resistant, pre-coated 120GSM (gram per meter square) GI sheet, which lends them longer life without corrosion.

• These first-rate flush metal boxes are offered in different modules to meet various electrical application requirements. Available in the range of 1 M to 18 M, Verona metal boxes certainly make a great buy.

• Flush metal boxes by Verona have a weld less fabrication folded type design, and a provision is made in the box for front plate alignment.

• Verona metal boxes have a thread cap which offers threads protection. Buy Metal Boxes by Verona and get improved protection against threads.

Together with so many nice features, Verona Metal Boxes undoubtedly make a best bet from Crabtree. If you’re looking for corrosion-resistant, high-quality metal boxes for your modular switches, get flush metal boxes by Verona, and experience a better lifespan of switches without any trouble.