Crabtree needs no introduction as it’s counted among the best switch brands in India. It offers a wide range of premium switches and switch gear to complement the modern interior trends. Crabtree boasts of different collections of switches, and one such awe-inspiring collection is Amare. Amare is one of the tastefully designed collections of switches inspired by the nature. It features switches, switch cover frames, fan regulators, dimmers and other switch solutions. If we talk particularly about dimmers, Amare has the best bet.

Some of the features which make Amare dimmers the best buy product from Crabtree are,

• The dimmers are available in the wattage options of both 1000 W and 400 W, and in the color choice of grey and white.

• These dimmers can be front loaded and removed from fast and easy installation.

• With 360 degree rotation, these dimmers feature unique, ergonomic knob design for better aesthetics.

• They feature 4-step and 5-step fan controllers with incremental steps across all steps in 1 M and 2 M.

• With rated power of 1000 W max and voltage rating of 230 V, Amare dimmers are crafted out of fire retardant, UV stabilized and high gloss polycarbonate material.

• Made in accordance with IS 11037-1984, the dimmers are RoHS compliant to offer the best performance with the assurance of safety as well.

• Amare 1000 W and 400 W dimmers keep the ambient operating temperature from -5 °C to + 50 °C.

• With 50 Hz of supply, all these dimmers take the load of incandescent lamps with no trouble.

With so many first-rate technical specifications, Amare dimmers certainly make the best buy product from Crabtree.