Crabtree, one of the best switch brands in India, presents a modern range of switch modules with Amare. Inspired by genuine elements of nature, Amare features meticulously crafted wooden, glass and metal front switch plates which blend in absolutely with your elegantly designed décor. Amare offers a wide range of contemporary color plates with the choice of grey and white switches. With sleek edges and a minimalistic straight line structure, Amare switch plates are aesthetically designed and are available in module options of 1 M, 2 M, 3 M, 4 M, 6 M, 8 M, and 12 M respectively.

Metal Switch Cover Plates

Amare metal front plates are available in the color choice of Brushed Amber, Lustrous Silver, and Eclipse Black. With plastic parts made in compliance with RoHS, all the metal plates are treated with special hardness to withstand scratches. For safety reasons, all the metal plates have insulated film inside to avoid electric shocks.

Glass Switch Cover Frames

The color options available in glass based switch cover plates are Sombre Green, Glittery Sand, Snow White, and Dazzle Black. Glass plates by Crabtree Amare feature high engineered tampered glass for easy and safe handling. Their multi-layer plate design ensures more strength without installation abuse.

Wood Switch Cover Plates

Teak Wood and Natural Wood are two finishes available in wood front plates by Amare. All the wood plates are processed with anti-termite chemical, and coated with special material - Isolator to withstand all weather conditions.