Crabtree, the leading brand in home automation devices, offers a wide range of modern switches that complement the interiors of the contemporary homes. Its switches are offered under various collections, and one such modern collection is Amare. Amare, the range inspired by genuine elements of the nature, offers switches, switch cover plates, fan regulators, sockets and other switch solutions. Talking specifically about fan regulators, Amare has the best range in 1 and 2 modules.

The features that make Amare fan regulators the best buy products from Crabtree are,

• Their modern designing allows them to be loaded and removed from the front which ensures fast and easy installation.

• These high speed regulators have a unique, ergonomic knob design for better aesthetics and premium feel.

• They have 4-step and 5-step fan controllers with incremental steps across all steps in both 1 M and 2 M.

• With rated power of 1000 W maximum and voltage rating of 230 V, Amare fan regulators are made from fire retardant, UV stabilized and high gloss polycarbonate material.

• Manufactured while adhering to IS 11037-1984, Amare fan regulators are RoHS compliant to offer the best performance with the assurance of safety as well.

Together with so many great features and aesthetic designing, Amare fan regulators certainly make the best buy product from Crabtree.