Points to Consider Before Buying a Video Door Phone

Points to Consider Before Buying a Video Door Phone

Technology has changed the entire world. Once there was a time when people didn’t even put locks on the main doors of their home, but the current situation demands more than just a lock on the door. Changing times call for changing security measures. And, technology has whole-heartedly supported the idea of enhanced security and convenience. The need to monitor, control and secure any place gave birth to Video Door Phones which have become quite popular among households, societies and buildings of all sorts. The market offers a wide variety of video door phones at different price tags on the basis of the features they have. If you have made your mind to buy a video door phone, you must consider certain points which would work in sync to meet your security requirements. Let’s quickly check out those points.


A video door phone system is a key component of a strong security system. It is better if its digital because it can be then integrated with other automated systems in your premises. The video phone with advanced features might require an internet connection. Besides the basic features like video calling and door protection, a video door phone must also enable video supervision, alarms, access controller, and other security features for the total safety and convenience.


While choosing video door phones, make sure that they are weather resistant. Check to ensure that their speakers are marked waterproof and weatherproof so that they can withstand adverse weather conditions. On the other note, its camera lens must be strong enough to withstand any attempt of tampering. It must have protection against chemical sprays which can damage the lens. The camera box must have a strong casing for resisting vandalism or any kind of defacement. In fact, a video door phone should have an alarm system so that it alerts when someone tries to tamper the system.


For better functionality, the system must have a night vision enabled camera so that you can easily see in the night as well. It must have WDR feature to enable capturing clear images in any light conditions. It must have a two-way communication system along with the video footage for interaction with the visitor without coming face to face. It must have both visual and non-visual communication system so that in case the camera is not working, you can still have a conversation with the visitor. The camera must be positioned at a distance for capturing the maximum area to ensure better security.


Even if you’re choosing a basic model, it must have the features of video calling and intercom system to perform successfully. Before purchasing, you must check the video door phone system to ensure clarity of audio and video, in conjunction with other factors. In fact, you must also check if the system is compatible with other systems or not, for the overall convenience and functioning.

A video door phone system is for your security and if used wisely, it can be of great use. After considering the above-mentioned points, it would be easier to get one for your home. Crabtree is a leading brand for home automation and automated solutions. It offers a wide range of video door phones which are equipped with the latest features to keep you and your loved ones at comfort. To know more about the range, click here.

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