Why Should You Install a Video Door Phone System?

Why Should You Install a Video Door Phone System?

Someone has rightly said, “There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.” We all aim for a safe home and protection of our family. Whether we are home or out for work, the thought of “Is everything alright?” lingers in our mind constantly. As we all know, technology is leading all the fields through the latest developments. And, home safety is not left behind. With video door phones, you can always have a supervisory body that keeps a constant vigil to protect your home. As compared to traditional methods of hiring a security guard, keeping a watchdog, etc, a video door phone system is economical as well as reliable. Besides being affordable, the video door phone offers a plethora of benefits which make this system worth installing. So, to make this clearer, given below are some interesting points regarding why should you install a video door phone system.

Safety & Security

Of course, the first reason to go for a VDP is safety and security of your family, valuables and home. A video door phone lets you see and communicate with the visitor without being physically present on the door. After knowing the purpose of visit and if required, you can choose to open the door or keep it closed. So, the video door phone is a great system to ensure the safety and security of your family and home.

Smart Monitoring

Even if you’re not at home, you needn’t to worry about who has come to visit you with video door phones. These appliances ensure smart surveillance and home inspection. When coupled with motion-sensors, security systems, and viewing apps, the video door system enables you keep an eye 24X7 notwithstanding whether you’re home or not.

Easy Access

Whether you’re at the terrace, in your kitchen, living room or bed room of your home, you can answer your door phone through your smart phones. Via phone, you will be notified about the person on the door. If you find the visitor undesirable, you can simply ignore the bell or ask the person to move out.

Connected and Smart Homes

A video door phone can be easily integrated with your existing home security systems to make home monitoring absolutely easy. You can align the structure so that you can see pictures from existing CCTV cameras on the system’s video monitor. Even if you are away, you can easily give access to friends and relatives. It’s an added advantage of video door phone systems. Since you’re wirelessly connected to these automated systems, you can get live video and audio feed on your PC, tablet, laptop, or even smartphone. Thus, you have access control at your fingertips.

Record Maintaining

The latest video door phone systems can capture, store and date-stamp pictures to make it easier for you to assess the recording at any stage to identify visitors or get proof of unauthorized entry. For the complete safety and security at home, a video door phone system is just great. With this, you just cannot recognize precisely who is at the door, but also attain many other benefits.

Easy Installation

Installing a video door phone system does not require many changes in the existing construction or too much wiring. Thus, it is easy to install. Of course, it is better to install in the new constructions but can also be adapted by weathered homes. In fact, its elegant designing adds to the aesthetics of your home entrance.


Home safety is paramount for all of us. It’s better to be pro-active and be ready with all the safety gear than be sorry for ever. Crabtree, a leader in home automation and automated solutions, provides high-tech video door phone systems which are integrated with the latest features to serve the best. If you wish to install a VDP, click here to check the variety of systems that can help you secure your home for the better.

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