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【how much down payment needed for business loan 】 There is no limit to the use of Gu skills. It depends on the strength of the Gu master's blood and fire. Gu skills will increase the consumption of blood and fire. If the blood fire is strong, multiple Gu skills can be used at the same time. 。

Think about it.

Su Ran looked at the various attitudes of the people in front of him, and a feeling that he might die came to his heart.

Staying in Xiaowu Island for two months is to wait for the Illusory Immortal Gu to grow.

The establishment of the Longshan Gang can be regarded as a big news in Beiyuan City.

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Yuan Batian laughed wildly, and stepped towards the sky with a ghostly speed.
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Su Ran's barefoot is not afraid of those wearing shoes, he can fight when he wants to, and he can walk when he wants to. When his strength becomes stronger and he establishes a connection with the magic fairy Gu, Mie Ba will have no big problems for everyone.
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Counting the third-grade sound of waves Gu, Su Ran already has two attacking Gu insects with consciousness.
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Su Ran replied unconventionally: "Three brothers!" There was a kind of heroism in going up to Liangshan.
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"I won't be recognized as Jiyue's accomplice?" Su Ran frowned secretly.
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But no matter how many second-grade Gu, there is not a single second-grade spirit Gu, which is so important.
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Ouyang Jing put down Long Hengwu, and said coldly, "Say it."
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