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"Xiao Chang, this is the arrangement at noon today. Let me tell you, kid, don't give me a hard time. Those recruits will tell me when the time comes."

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"What's going on?" Hearing Tang Hu's words, Chu Shaoyan immediately became interested.

But after hearing some sound in the distance, Wang Sanpang spoke subconsciously.

But I've never seen her smile so sweetly at a person of the opposite sex.

If this is a gift, they are really flattered.

"I hope that some veterans will not be complacent and think that they will be slack in the recruit company. You must know that the recruit company not only trains recruits, but veterans also need to be role models."

"On the first day of the military exercise, our reconnaissance company was ordered to start the early stage reconnaissance. Later, we were attacked by the assault unit of the Special Operations Brigade of the 33rd Army, which caused me to be separated from the main force..."

Wang Sanpang called everyone else in the dormitory.

In this forest, there is no shortage of food and the like. The most fearful thing is that there is no water source. If there is no water source, it will be useless to fill the stomach.

The two stopped about five meters in front of the mourning hall, one meter apart, and looked at each other. After only a few seconds, Chu Shaoyan stretched out his hand and said, "General Cai Ba, welcome your Excellency to come to President Ye's meeting." funeral."

That's right, Li Yanan is indeed the daughter of the lieutenant general. .

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"Chu Shaoyan, let's read the ledger on a donkey, we'll see!" Zhang Kaixuan's expression changed drastically in a panic, and then he said to the two bodyguards behind him, "Let's go!" .

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