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The only difference from before is that he has grown up. ...

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If those people hadn't been devoured by her, would it be that today, she would not be alone as she is now, but would be accompanied by her comrades, supporting each other and moving forward together?

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"Protect my fairy world!"

Another female Zhenjun stared at it, and said unhurriedly: "My lord, at this moment, suddenly mentioned Saifang Xianzhou... Could there be some deep meaning in it?"

Along with the shattering of the battle formation, there were also the lives of his soldiers!


It was the Heavenly Punishment Artifact that had already been refined by them rioting, the terrifying black thunder tore through the void, just like the raid on Baidi and others back then, and now this force erupted without warning, descending on Lord Chitai overhead.

Thinking of this, he straightened his face and said lightly: "It's not enough."

Seeing his appearance, the Goddess laughed: "Your immortal magic skill is indeed amazing, but in the universe when I was born, someone has created a similar skill. It is actually quite easy to break it."

"This is the sky prison, or it used to be part of the sky prison."

A force jointly established by Zhaixing Tower and Wentian Pavilion.

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