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Yu Yi said coldly: "What do you mean, if I don't take the initiative to detach, you will help me detach?" ...

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"A few months ago, under the pressure of thousands of demons, I followed the prophecy of my mother and concubine, and successfully embarked on the road of escape from the same kind of strange Gu.

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"No need." Lucy replied, "It's also embarrassing for others."

Everyone in Bulao Mountain was shocked.

The ghost looked serious.

The palm of the main demon fell on the water curtain and was wiped out completely.

At that time, the crescent moon imprint was hot, which gave Su Ran a feeling that she could suck up the crescent moon imprint of Yue Nuer.

It is rumored that Su Hou has a habit of robbing princes, which was only heard of before, but now he has seen it with his own eyes.

In a trance, the weak water body came out of the chest, and then the weak water body turned into a freshly transformed Yuandi dragon Gu.

In this way, it can be proved that nothing happened to the other magicians.

"Everyone hand over another natal Gu." After collecting all the things, Su Ran said again.

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