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【small business loan vs. angel investor 】 After a little silence, Su Ran said again: "Your Highness, King Yuyi is so powerful, although I have no intention of harming His Highness, but saving His Highness, I have to bear a great risk..." 。

The blood eyes opened, and the withered body of the blood corpse instantly became plump and plump.

The advanced three-three is a bit reluctant for the physical function of an 11-year-old child. Fortunately, Lucy is light and fast. Even though the height of the second jump is only about half of the first jump, it is still possible to complete the rear outer knot ring three. Week jump.

Moreover, the cry of the Yuandi Dragon Gu is so powerful that it can cause mountains and rivers to tremble, and can easily destroy a vast area.

All three sorcerers appeared...

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The giant statue is usually not visible, but only a few thousand years before the end of Jue Yang's sacrifice, it will float into the world and activate the sacrifice function.
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Su Ran had the illusion that sixty-three fruits could help him complete the Nine Suns Seal...
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Along the way, Su Ran has nothing to worry about. Although he still has some friends in the ancient Gu world, they are nothing.
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"Okay, I'll help you!" The main devil, who had no choice, responded directly.
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When the screen changed, Su Ran had become a fairy, and a golden crescent mark appeared on his heart.
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It has been almost three months since Su Ran was imprisoned in Bulao Mountain.
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"Hehe, the Three Immortal Palaces are really interesting. When you come here, why don't you come to be a guest in this Marquis' mansion?"
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