1040 tax form where to put student loan interest
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【kheslc student loan people 】 A 'Su Ran' emerged from the dry moon imprint. 。

"Although it is to borrow the advantage of weapons, but you are a rank two Gu Immortal, it is not easy to fight me so many tricks, just die."

The domain power of both of them was exhausted.

The fully strengthened myth source is different from the legendary source. The legendary source is a black crescent, and the myth source is a silver crescent.

Su Ran frowned slightly, he held grudges, when he broke Tianyuan, Qushang Gu Academy and Banlan Gu Academy targeted him, although they didn't attack him again, but given the opportunity, let's forget it.

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The great change in the earth region does not happen overnight, and the shattering of the central region cannot be caused in a day. Only the power of a Gu Immortal can pick all the divine fruits in just a few days and make the earth extinguish. You are not a Gu Immortal, It's been less than a month since I entered Duantianyuan, so as soon as I got the news, I knew that you were not to blame for the broken Central Territory. "
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The Defiant Yang Sutra is in his mind, and there is a ready-made imprint of the crescent moon. If he practices it now, he can immediately become a fairy and become a deceitful Yang, but looking at the column of cultivation in the golden text
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Su Ran didn't answer, the power of five thousand wisps of poison couldn't get rid of it no matter what.
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Su Ran was also wondering why Gong Jiuhuang believed that he was not the murderer who caused the shattering of the Central Territory, even if he told the situation of the underground Red Rock area.
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"Are you trying to consume?"
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"I need all the poisonous Gu, healing Gu, all the eighth-rank spirit Gu, and all the ninth-rank Gu in Fubo mansion." Su Ran said lightly.
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"Can you show me your natal Gu?" Bei Gonghen asked again.
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This is the eldest son's evaluation of Qian Shanhou!
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