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【chase how long is interest free period 】 "Competing with the three of us, you are confident." 。

Lei Wang thought for a while, and guessed that there should be a high-grade Gu master who left a cave on the island. Violent Ape ate the spirit Gu that escaped from the cave, and his spirituality increased greatly, thus controlling the companion Gu and becoming the leader on the island. .

The matter between Su Ran and the eight major families has not yet been settled.

"Let's go in." Qian Buer nodded.

Someone exclaimed in surprise: "Look, Chief Su seems... not even injured!"

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"Master Su is a sensible person, but the inside story is not that simple."
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They are willing to seek peace, but if the other party initiates it, it always feels weird.
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Moreover, according to what Qian Buer said, the Gu Arena is very fair, it is a golden signboard for collecting money from the eight major families, it will not be smashed casually, everything has special rules of fairness.
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That is to say, Su Ran's punching strength is almost comparable to that of the beast dragon.
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Gu source: third-rank sound of waves Gu source (can be captured), third-rank life-sacrificing Gu source (can be captured).
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"Damn, I'm so stupid!" One person spat in response to the situation.
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However, Su Ran's figure is indeed a bit strong now.
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