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"However, it's quite safe around here, so there shouldn't be any major problems." Zhang Ming took the conversation. ... how to qualify for a large business loan

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The night was thick, and the forest was even darker. .

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"That's good! I also believe in the strength of the Knight Commander of Colmar. If there are no problems during the banquet, I will definitely reward you a lot!" ...

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Thinking of this, Song Yu'an subconsciously opened the collar, he remembered that each contestant's initials would be written on this place.

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"I see, you must not leave the earl's side." Colmar nodded, reined in the reins, turned around and ran towards the city, he needed to mobilize the knights to get out through the side door quickly.

【Sorry, I laughed a little too loudly hahahahahahaha】

Ye Zuoyou looked at the eight hares and asked, "Did you poke the rabbit's nest?"

The order was not complicated. Let Lei Zhe go to the Holy City with everything ready for investigation. Gabriel's matter was still blamed on him, the local lord, and Lei Zhe had no excuse for this.

It took Ye Zuoyou only one day to discover the trench that the rescue team hadn't found for three whole days, and he didn't carry any equipment yet.

"No, this is the rib of the Naga Siren. It is in the form of a dagger, pure white like ivory, extremely strong and contains a decaying curse. Only the servants of the Naga Siren are not bound by the power of the curse."

Duan Yanshan was stunned for several seconds.

"Earl Wells Tolt died of illness, and the title was inherited by his eldest son Wells Razer!"

Song Yu'an also looked at Ye Zuoyou in surprise.

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Zhang Rui nodded. .

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