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"The Immortal Immortal King who ravaged the Immortal Realm back then... Could it be that... Could it be that from the beginning to the end..." ... what is title insurance in us mortgage

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"Isn't it?" Young Master Jue was even more astonished. .

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Extraterrestrial Demon! ...

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Hearing An Ran's words at this moment, Elder Lingbao was shocked.

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"Then let's take a look at this little guy first."

It looked at the huge fairy beast with all its strength, and said word by word: "Senior, what do you mean..."

"Uh... How about changing your mind..."

"This place is a branch of the Daomen of the Immortal World."

Baidi nodded slightly, and said: "However, what really surprised me is that I have never heard of the Dao in her body, as if it never existed."

Of course, this is only theoretically possible.

Since ancient times, the state of enlightenment has been interrupted, and it is not easy to enter the same state again.

Could it be...

Could it be that this handsome young man with a very faceless face is... taunting them?

Seeing this situation, some demons and ghosts who were staring at him ran away in fright, not daring to get any closer to this figure. .

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