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Xia Lei has been paying attention to the situation of the two of them, and the first time he found something wrong, he stepped forward and held down the restless man. ... non collateral loans bad credit

test. apply bad credit loans Song Jing was really a little scared this time, no one would let outsiders know about this matter, but just now he admitted it so calmly, he was really afraid that he would be confused or regret it later; ….

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"The fang wolf is fine," Song Yu'an said in a deep voice, "The problem is with the white worm." .

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"That one is not far from us, I'll call now." ...

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When the sound of the door came, he immediately looked at the door. Song Jing was carrying a small schoolbag behind him, and Xiao Pangdun ran in directly.

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Zhang Ming stepped forward to take a look, his eyes also widened: "The wound has turned purple, is it poisoned?"

Qin Mo turned his head and met Song Jing's enigmatic eyes, and he patted him.

"If they want to go up, the Qin family has the ability to give them a big enough platform, if they are content with the status quo and do their jobs well, if they don't want to make progress and spend their days, the Qin family will not support idlers."

"You mean I have a bad temper?"

Ever since Xiao Chengzi came out, Song Jing didn't work in the corridor and stood there. He spent most of his time learning to take care of the children. When it was visiting time, he went in to talk to Qin Mo. What had been a tormenting day was now Feeling a lot faster, he still held Qin Mo's hand, but spoke with a hint of complacency;

After several months of getting along, Zhou Hai and Song Jing are also very familiar with each other, so they really agreed. Qin Mo couldn't drink at all, but just took a light drink during the banquet, and this was the warning from Doctor Wu's eyes. under.

Ye Zuoyou nodded, took a breath, and continued, "Let's rest for a while and continue."

"The main thing is that we don't have a circle. Both of us are technical. There have been few girls in the circle since we went to college. Now it is even more so. My mother introduced a few blind dates, but the fate did not come. She introduced two or two. It is said that there is no intention of dating for the time being, and they came here because they were urged by the family."

The atmosphere in the venue continued to be high, and the number one finally came out. As expected, it was Lao Yuan from the technical department. This guy was laughing so hard that his teeth were gone. The technical department was all young, and the cheers were about to lift the roof. Yes, Qin Mo smiled and raised his hand to caress his heart, Song Jing leaned over;

His emotions seemed to be unaffected by what happened just now, instead Qin Mo sighed and raised his hand to pinch Song Jing's cheek with a helpless voice; .

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Song Jing looked at him, handed him a grape, and after only three words, Xiao Chengzi's heart suddenly stopped. .

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