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【low loans for bad credit 】 Ye Jinlin stared at him coldly: "Again, I'm not your Jinlin! During working hours, please address me by your title, Comrade Jiang Zhihua! And I can tell you, based on your behavior just now, I can complain to the Commission for Discipline Inspection!" 。

Chu Shaoyan explained: "The skills used to complete a certain goal or task."

"Jiang Zhihua, are you calling me?" Chu Shaoyan stared at him coldly.

Li Hongbing took the teacup and nodded, "Thank you."

At this time, there was a soft wriggling sound in the grass, and a spotted snake was slowly approaching Chu Shaoyan and Ye Ruoxi, spitting out apricots!

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Toyotomi Maaya's words are hidden in the needle, which is obviously an implicit counterattack against Chu Shaoyan's rejection of her; but this counterattack is not offensive, but it can make people understand that this is a self-respecting, independent, and proud woman .
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Following the direction pointed by Jiang Langtao, Jiang Dahai cast his gaze away, and suddenly saw Chu Shaoyan who was about to leave; seeing Chu Shaoyan, Jiang Dahai's face changed again, and then his eyes narrowed slightly, with a twinkle in his eyes. The cold light showed his mood at this time.
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However, his hand was in severe pain suddenly, and with a slight glance, he saw Zidie grabbing his big hand to his small mouth, ravaging it while gnawing on the pig's trotters, Chu Shaoyan took a breath of air-conditioning with a "hiss": " Ru Mao drinks blood, are you returning to ancient times and becoming an ape-man?"
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Chu Shaoyan glanced at him lightly, nodded and said, "Okay, tell me."
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"So, she is a bone spirit?" Zi Die frowned and said, "It's no wonder I think she is very enchanting. Hmph, the word fairy just now is really correct, this lady is really a genius!"
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Li Hongbing nodded and said: "I have already reported to the leadership of the department. Secretary Ke and Director Jiang are likely to arrive at the scene within half an hour. This is the scene of the explosion, but it is also the scene of the crime. Two suggestions: first, none of the wounded should be let go; second, protect the evidence and evidence, take more photos, and save the photos of the scene from all angles before saving people!"
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"Have you finally made a move?" Chu Shaoyan murmured suddenly.
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"No other requirements?" Chu Shaoyan asked.
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