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【how long does it take collections to fall off credit report 】 Chu Shaoyan nodded, didn't say anything, but squinted his eyes, staring at the screen; from Tang Hu's mouth, Chu Shaoyan learned that the shaker master of the Royal Wind Casino was once a famous gambler. Art master. Such a master lost five million dollars in a short time, which seems somewhat unbelievable! 。

With such a tall body of a South China tiger, if a single shot misses its vitals, it will not be able to cause fatal damage to it. Therefore, when Chu Shaoyan fired, he went straight to the point! Just like people, once a gun is shot in the eyebrow, it is almost certain to die!

"Mr. Chu, please don't worry." Seeing Chu Shaoyan stop, Mike explained: "I have already informed my companion Vincent to kill those who followed, we just have to hurry!"

"Comrade Chu Shaoyan, goodbye, I wish you smooth sailing!" Ma Qianli shook hands with Chu Shaoyan to say goodbye.

Chu Shaoyan walked in the empty corridor with Ye Ruoxi in his arms, the sound of his footsteps was extremely harsh. He carried Ye Ruoxi to the emergency ward and told the doctor about Ye Ruoxi's condition.

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Her spirit was very good, when Chu Shaoyan woke up, he saw that she was still staring at him with her bright black eyes open. And the next day, she was still not tired at all, and followed him.
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"I want to shoot!" Emily stared at the freighter and suddenly made a request to the artilleryman with a determined face.
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After starting the car, Chu Shaoyan raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. It was already past six o'clock in the evening, and the opening of the Christmas party organized by the president Ye Tianhe was at seven o'clock.
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"Crack!" After Chu Shaoyan kicked Jiang Langtao down with a fierce roundabout kick, the whole hall fell silent again. Jiang Langtao fell to the ground, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand, his expression was horrifying. Jiang Langtao has always been confident in his own skills. Although he is not as strong as his elder brother who serves as the president's personal bodyguard, he is still considered a master in the gang.
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This kick was so powerful that it directly kicked the assistant out! His body slid a beautiful arc in the air, and then slammed hard on the hall table, making a noise! Guan Nuoxue's performance at this time also stunned Chu Shaoyan! Although Guan Nuoxue's fighting level at this time is still far from a master, it is much better than those punks on the street! The key is to be brave!
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"Secretary Wang, let me say it again: I want to move someone, Zhao Dahua." Chu Shaoyan said coldly.
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The little witch retorted: "So what if you don't study? Others study to obtain tools for making a living, and I don't use it!"
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"Jiang Dahai, I'll cover it, you carry Chairman Ye and charge out!" Liu Dayong suggested.
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