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[Youyou is really omnipotent! Began to be jealous of Xie Yi! 】 ...

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Qin Mo sat on the sofa on one side, no matter what the two men were muttering, the directors around him sat down, and there was another person who Qin Mo specially sent an invitation today, Hua Ke Xu Laizheng, the chairman of Agriculture, is in his 40s and looks very simple, with dark skin, and he can tell the difference at a glance from someone with a financial background. His company had some difficulties in financing before. Although the country has a policy of supporting agriculture, but Most of them are for crops. Although the business proposals and research directions he submitted can get a loan, they are still far from what he expected. The company, but he didn't expect Qin's financial company to give a positive response very quickly. This time, Qin's invitation to the annual meeting was also very surprising to him. The person sitting in front of him was the Qin family's patriarch at the top of the Kuncheng Pyramid. Still a little cautious.

Song Yu'an saw his discomfort and suggested, "Have a rest here?"

【Just kidding...】

Zhang Rui rubbed his eyes, did he read it right?

It's just that there are not many mushrooms here. Ye Zuoyou thought that other people seemed to accept mushrooms very well, so she wanted to pick more.

【Indeed, Second Young Master Xie never did this kind of hard work before. 】

Ye Zuoyou heard something was wrong: "Is your friend not a girl?"

"Just because you can't learn pinyin, you want to take your child's IQ test?"

"It's just some fluctuations. It's not serious. Don't scare yourself. Think about it. Now that the first 24 hours have passed, stick to it."

"She's about to push you two, she's not used to it." .

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