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This is completely inconsistent with the logic of normal story development, right? ... when a small business is refused a loan because

test. how hard to get a small business loan? Fusang Luoyumen, who had previously preached that Jiang Li would betray relatives and had no one to help him, shut up in fright and didn't dare to say anything. ….

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Jiang Li expressed his understanding: "It's hard for your parents to raise such a superb product so much." .

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Bai Shiyi laughed and said: "When I was strong, I had such a thing as integrity, but there were many of them. Isn't it weak now? There is no way, I don't want it for now." ...

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Jiang Shang sighed: "When the Emperor is not around, the Son of Heaven is enthroned, and the God is enshrined in immortality, I know I'm a fool!"

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"100 million?!" Li Taozhi's eyes almost popped out, and he screamed.

Jiang Li gave him a blank look, and said, "Why don't you say that Persia is good?"

Blocked by the void and blocked by the earth, the Flower Picker Demon Lord knew that he couldn't run away, so he could only turn around and resist.

Speaking of this, Jiang Li couldn't help singing: "Invincible, how lonely it is"


"Shame on your face, do it!" Bai Wuchang also became angry, and waved the mourning stick, and the wind howled for a while!

The tangled look on Friday's face almost wrinkled into a bun.

Bai Shiyi immediately raised his hand and shouted: "Boss, don't worry, I will never run away again!"

At this time, Su Jiu asked curiously: "How did you live for so long? Didn't it mean that after the Dao of Longevity is broken, everyone's lifespan will be at most 10,000 years? But you..."

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Hearing the word Karl, the great wizard was shocked. .

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