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【self lender larger vs small loan 】 More importantly, the difficulty of 4+3+3 and 4+2 is completely different. Cui Xiao may do this because he feels uncomfortable on the spot. He is not a big player, and mistakes in key jumps may affect subsequent jumps. 。

Su Ran was also a little unstable.

If you want to pretend, then let you pretend.

The main demon stared at the crescent mark on Su Ran's heart without moving his gaze, but the image of Su Ran's bright crescent mark only flashed by.

However, the only ones that are easy to awaken are the Yuan Yue and Yuan Yang stages, and the Yuan Gu avatar is extremely difficult to awaken.

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And Gu's natal Gu became eight Life and Death Gu, plus one ordinary Gu!
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They were afraid of Su Ran and didn't want to fight against Su Ran, but they were not really afraid of Su Ran. In the field, there were nearly a hundred people who turned three times, and even twenty people who turned nine!
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"The Yuangu Scripture is divided into two parts, the Yuangu chapter and the supernatural power chapter. The supernatural power chapter is about Yuangu's real body, which is the biggest difficulty hindering people's cultivation.
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Emperor Yuzhong leaned on the broken pillar, panting, his dragon robe was stained with blood, there was no one around him to worship, only his face was full of astonishment.
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A semi-detached person whose lifespan has not yet expired is extremely precious to the ancestral family!
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Concubine Xi and King Yuyi are both very human!
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"What's this!"
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"What about this, you feel it." Su Ran called out a piece of extreme domain force, extreme domain force can help rank nine Gu Immortals break through, I don't know how Yue Nuer feels.
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