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【survey service credit union used auto loans 】 Luo Mingdong stood up tremblingly, as if he had aged ten years in an instant. 。

Goddess Huading grabbed him and came to Luo Yun holding his arm: "Boss Luo, how about going to our house for dinner tonight? Officer Ye... No, Ye Jinlin should already be waiting for you at the villa."

"Firstly, the location of his house is very poor, and vehicles cannot enter; secondly, his house is quite old, an old building from the 1980s; thirdly, his house has no decoration at all and no added value. Estimating him at 800,000 is indeed very high, I remember a few months ago he was showing off triumphantly with the demolition compensation contract!"

"You...you...what were you doing in there just now?" Wu Xiaoqiao roared angrily.

The breath of the rock man quickly became rapid, while the breath of the Huading goddess also fluctuated greatly. If it wasn't for Nangong Chengyu inside, what would have happened is really unpredictable. As their bodies rubbed against each other, their eyes and hearts became strange.

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And when Hao Zhen clinked glasses with him with a smile on his face during the banquet, Wu Fulai's heart was beating wildly. Looking at the face of the head of Jiangcheng's organization who ruled countless cadres in Jiangcheng and seized power, his vision was even worse than looking at the lover in his dreams. deep feeling.
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"Nanping, I wanted to leave with you at that time, but I was held back by them. From then on, I was left alone in this world to live and suffer. It is not my dream to get promoted and get rich. My happiness. My heart, died when you were gone!
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It's very simple, the searcher still has some feelings for this former residence, he didn't destroy anything, and he didn't even mess up the order of placement; moreover, he was quite familiar with this secret passage, and the things in the cave As above, it is neatly arranged.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and said: "Is it necessary? Huading Group's investment in various parts of the world is not large, and it is a waste to buy a special plane. The places we run are mainly two rivers. I think it is more appropriate to buy a helicopter. It is economical and convenient. Convenience. The short-distance flight with a special plane is much more troublesome, and it takes a long time to apply for the airway alone.”
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"What's the matter?" Wang Hong asked.
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"Cheng Yu, are you determined to leave our Nangong house after eating the weight?" Nangong Mingdao's voice became gloomy.
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"Don't ask, just answer it!" Guan Nuoxue said coquettishly, pointing at him, her legs were slightly bent, her nightgown was removed upwards, her white and delicate thighs were gradually exposed, and her chubby and cute feet were even more beautiful. The movement of the ticks makes people involuntarily have a special idea.
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Obviously, if it is as expected, he will marry Shangguan Zetian, which means that other women will have an awkward relationship with him and have no legal status. But what about children, what about their identities? illegitimate child? Thinking of this term, Chu Shaoyan's heart shrank suddenly.
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