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【title loan lenders online 】 Hearing Guan Nuoxue's words suddenly, Chu Shaoyan's eyes showed unconcealable excitement and joy. He knew that Guan Nuoxue never played cards according to common sense. After he leaned down without any hesitation, the men in all the cabins were surprised. With an expression on her face, she kissed Guan Nuoxue's face deeply! 。

"Well, hurry up!" Chu Shaoyan cut off the connection as he said.

Hearing that Ye Tianhe didn't mention the murderer, Chu Shaoyan's expression didn't change much and he smiled slightly: "President Ye, you know my skills very well, it's just a few killers, I don't pay attention to them !"

Just when everyone was puzzled, the mysterious and most beautiful passenger Guan Nuoxue suddenly smiled. It was a smile with many meanings. With a smile on her face, she twisted her sexy water snake waist and walked slowly towards Chu Shaoyan.

Now the chairman, Tang Tianhe, has handed over the land to the east of Harbor City to Chu Shaoyan, including the most profitable smuggling business and the underground casino. As a result, Tang Jinlong, the young master of the Sanlian Association, although his territory was about the same size as Chu Shaoyan's, his income was less than half.

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"Go and rest, let me do it!" Chu Shaoyan patted the guy on the shoulder and said.
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However, mysterious situations gradually occurred, and the number of armed personnel in the most marginal area gradually decreased, and the commandos were like nimble cheetahs, devouring the lives of these guys. In a team of two, crossbows, anesthesia darts, and anesthesia spring guns are the main means. Once the enemy falls silently, the other person will immediately drag him down and hide in a secluded place.
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"Oh!" Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said. Ye Tianhe seemed to believe Chu Shaoyan's words, and didn't ask any more questions.
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Chu Shaoyan said indifferently: "Do you know whether it has been recovered? Besides, there is a prerequisite for recovery: evidence. In fact, UBS attaches great importance to evidence. As long as it can provide clear evidence, it will generally not refuse to demand money." Request. We have Commissioner Faulkner to testify in the series of cases involving Hong Lianhui and Tong's personnel, 'Royal No. 2', and I believe that UBS has no reason to reject our demand."
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Emily's head continued to lower down, and just when the red lips were about to touch his lips, the rock man's head suddenly tilted, and the hot lips fell on his cheek.
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At this time, Chu Shaoyan's consciousness was very vague. He cast his eyes on Ye Tianhe, which was completely instinctive. Looking at the white ceiling and smelling the pungent potion, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help recalling the three days in his mind. After about a few seconds, his eyes gradually cleared up, and his consciousness became much clearer.
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Chu Shaoyan knew that Ye Tianhe was just joking, so he didn't take it to heart. However, Ye Tianhe said that his deeds spread throughout the southern road, which made him a little depressed. Obviously, this incident once again deviated from his original intention of traveling from Jiangcheng in the inland to Baodao.
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It was a calm night, gloomy and starless, and it was the most suitable time for a sea raid; the hatch of the submarine opened quickly, and Chu Shaoyan and Emily led forty commandos quickly climbed out of the submarine. Wearing life jackets and body armor, armed with ordnance.
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