how to catagorize a small business loan
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【business loan offer letter 】 Qin Yanran! 。

Waiting outside the door for Lydia to take out the magic formula, Lei Zhe has learned a little about the formula, but he is not proficient, it is a bit difficult to understand simple first-level magic, and it is obviously difficult to touch the fourth-level magic too likely.

"White rainbow runs through the sun!"

"Are you sure?" Wang Long asked in surprise.

It's not that the bigger the dragon, the stronger it is, but one thing, the bigger the dragon, the longer it lives, and the dragon is an existence that grows stronger the longer it lives.

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"What are you afraid of? He can only be the young master for ten days at most. After ten days, he will be disabled if he survives a battle with the peerless genius Xia Yuntian! It's a pity, even if this is the case, the two father and son will not only be expelled The Xia family will give Xia Yuntian and his son slaves for ten days! I really want to see this happen!"
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"Of course!" Xia Gan replied decisively: "Otherwise, how could my cultivation reach the third level of the True Spirit Realm! Father! Don't worry! Your son has been reborn now..."
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"Xia Yuan! Don't be complacent! Although your son has mastered the Yunlong movement technique, with his current cultivation base, it would take a lot of energy to activate such a movement technique! He will be exhausted in a short time. , At that time, he was not allowed to be slaughtered by my son!"
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Old Mork's slave shop already has some cards, and compared with those small shops, it looks very luxurious. It is considered a talent for Old Mork to do a thing that cannot be put on the table so aboveboard.
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Youth is not their capital, but ruthlessness is.
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"If there is no other way, forget it. During this time, I will take other people to another world to find a way to hide from those people for a while. Their goal is nothing more than Lilith. If they can't find Lilith, they have no other way. "
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The origin is not simple.
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