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Yan Zai was able to witness the sun in his spirit, and at this moment, the sun's light completely filled the barren world, and the vast wind eased down, so the phenomenon of apotheosis appeared around Yan Zai. ... which credit score does amex use

test. what does credit to your account mean "It's really Xunshan's Talisman Festival..." ….

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Yang Yue is an ancient Yueshang, among the ancient ancestors, a tribe under the Baiyue branch, living in the Shanhaijing, and active in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Jianghuai area. ...

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Beimen Cheng didn't look at Ai Hegan, but he spoke to him with his eyes closed, and said to him: "I want to present to you the voice of human beings that has never been heard by the world."

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"The war is over! We can go home!"

Although the fire-hating king was a little embarrassed, facing Yijun who was "qi" rushing to the sky, he still explained: "Although you are a legendary figure, we have always believed in and supported you, but you see, after a while, Three to four, five to six..."

The wizards of the Akakata Clan accurately predicted the arrival time of the celestial phenomena, which saved a lot of losses for the people in the south. They put away all the things that should be put away, and everyone hid in the mountains or in the ground, and fled to the valley. , or hide in the stone house, the foundation of the stone house is deeply embedded in the ground.

Some tribes who participated in the cooperative were a little unhappy when they saw that the three tribes were allotted one cow, but they didn't dare to say anything. A little less, distributed according to the contribution of each tribe...."

How can this be reconciled, how can this be agreed!

Yan Hegan also knew Chisongzi, but speaking of it, although both he and Chisongzi were Qi refiners of the same period, the 800-year-old Qi refiner was not considered the person who had practiced the longest in the mountains and seas.

"Rush over to me!"

"Is my speech very similar to Ah Hong's, and it sounds ugly?"

This kind of standard cynical plot, if it seems like the protagonist, will definitely stand up and slap a wave of faces at this time, and after the slaps, they will also mock a wave of "high-level personnel" of the Akakata family, and finally shout two times. Sound, to show who is still not convinced and so on...

"Fire and Ash Remains!" .

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"Hoo hoo!" .

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