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This was the accusation of the old wizard, but the wizard who defeated him told him coldly that this god was older than Zhuanxu's time and was the ancestor of all human races. .

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Chonghua laughed: "The flowers (flowers) are so beautiful. They bloom in the morning glow, and the grass is full of brilliance. Every five colors must have brilliance..." ...

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"Everyone be quiet, please listen to me..."

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Wen Ming had a very exhausting dream, but when he thought about the work he was going to do next, he was full of strength again.

You stingy bastard, if you don’t want to use new ones, just say it, if there is a problem with returning his mother’s, I think you have a problem.

It seems that she has only one reason at this time, and it is bigger than the sky! That is to kill, since everything in the world does not allow human beings to live, and since when the great flood comes, all creatures and beasts will plunder the human race for food, then she will kill and turn the world upside down, killing all the enemies!

However, after considering that the two crouching dragon and phoenix chicks of his family went to the south for a stroll and said that the southerners are warm and hospitable, Xuan Snake was relieved.

After all, everyone is a family. Think about it, isn’t the year-end summary the document template everyone copied, isn’t it all the same?

"May I ask what you added?"

It is said that last time Luo Luo rushed to the oil shop and almost stole the oil. Fortunately, the strong bear chased Luo Luo away. Everyone enthusiastically sent the bear away, but the bear was sweating and soon ran away.

My darling, after cooperating with you to annex tribes everywhere, even thinking about sweeping Yumen, Fire-hating and other countries, the final goal is to occupy Shiki Asahara?

"Engulf the tribes here, bring Lishan, Songshan and other places into our range..."

Danzhu immediately jumped up to eat the horse, but Yuzai didn't respond. .

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As long as no one finds out, it's a perfect infiltration. .

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