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The valley above the slurry area has long been smoothed out by a huge force. .

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Nine figures slipped out of Yuelian Continent quietly, and Yuelian Continent didn't notice anything.

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What Su Ran can use now is the clone of Yuan Yue.

The acquaintance was very dramatic, but also very fateful. From then on, Lu Xi became Huang Bin and Gu Qianqian's beloved son.

Xi Zhu's feet were sealed together, and a huge golden seal appeared in front of Xi Zhu's eyes.

The subsequent practice shortcuts may fall on the Yangyue Soldiers of the Deceitful Yang Slave.

After thinking about it, Su Ran felt that the ability to travel through space would help him the most!

It wasn't until three-quarters of a circle around the ice rink and back to the center line that Deng Chang turned to slide forward and began to prepare for take-off.

A generation of demon envoys fell ill at the hands of Yu Yi.

And Yu Jiu said: "Su Ran, you had a deal with Xiao Qi before, and the reward was less, Zu Ting will make up the follow-up reward."

Besides, Su Ran specially left a message, saying that he went to the Mountain of Immortality, and it is estimated that the current attention of Moxin Sect and August Immortal is on the Mountain of Immortality.

"Now I don't owe you anything." .

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It was scolding before, but the Moon Lord became extremely serious at this time, and scolded: "Little slave, what are you doing? Who is this Chu Yang, why haven't I seen it? Do you know the importance of the Demon Moon Envoy? Demon Moon Even if there is only one, you will succeed to the position of Moon Master in the future, and the position of Demon Moon Envoy will be under one person and above ten thousand people!" .

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