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【guarantor loans for bad credit direct lender 】 There was a death-like silence, while Di Hong said immediately after speaking: "Since I have called you here, I should know why!" 。

"This one is obviously not finished! (Ji Li Gua La)"

Everyone's eyes lit up.

Yijun, why did you suddenly become unknown to us?

"Shouyue! Are you misleading the Emperor of Heaven's decision! This time, I just made a suggestion for water control, but Chong Bo didn't accept it, and later helped him dredge the water flow with all my heart, what's wrong with me!"

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"What are you talking about, this is the totem of your tribe!"
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After all, he is the leader of the Xu Ao Clan, full of courage and insight, although his brain is usually not easy to use, but his strength is still reliable!
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It's just that most people don't seem to understand the so-called "hybridization", so some people tentatively asked: "What is hybridization? Is rice hybridized with big bean? It can't grow anything, right?"
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The back of Chisongzi's head began to sweat.
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The surrounding Xu Ao soldiers immediately got up, several strong men were at war, and Ao Dang let out a loud roar——
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Yu Zai said: "You have to try it. If you can't even surpass Tao Tang, how can you surpass Lingshan?"
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It has been sleeping for a long time. For alien beasts, decades is actually a very long time. After all, alien beasts do not have a lifespan that starts at 150 years like a gas refiner. The black snake is actually an alien species among them. , but it has not actually accepted this kind of calculation time in units of hundreds of years.
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"So so, so so...."
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