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test. mudra loan online apply "Okay, Xia Gan! You also go home and get ready. We will set off tomorrow morning and go to Xuantian Zhengzong." ….

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There is not much difference between the current Augsig and a newborn. It is just right to use this kind of book. Lei Zhe has read the content of the book, and the introduction of many things is easy to understand. .

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The smoke cleared! ...

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This is also the majesty of heaven that Xia Gan inadvertently revealed after activating Emperor Wu's Dragon Fighting Dharma Body! Sweep the world! Domineering leakage!

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"Contact Li Yu immediately and ask him to send someone over. I still don't believe it. Who on earth can have such great ability!" Wang Long roared angrily. He was so embarrassing, how did he mess up when it got out?

"He is stupid! You must know that for all freshmen, the most important thing is to pass the first pass to ascend to heaven! But he chose to use ascend to heaven to practice, but forgot his most important goal, it is really stupid! In this way A person who is destined to only see immediate benefits, his vision is too narrow! Future achievements will be limited!"

He didn't care about this, he took a step and was about to walk into the second floor, but was stopped by a boy in black behind him.

Grabbing and sucking in his hand, driving the air flow, he had sucked Huaxing's sword that had fallen on the ground into his hand, and with a move of Baihong Piercing the Sun, it suddenly pierced the most vulnerable part of the Tianling python, the throat!

After hesitating for a while, they didn't continue to go forward. They just went up to help because they saw Augsig's relaxed appearance with a suitcase in hand, not to mention that it was normal for the nanny of this villa to go up to help the master.

Introducing one's hometown to international friends is also a good thing for the driver to do for the hometown.

Moved! The sword in Xia Gan's hand finally moved!

With a soft sound, an ice wall appeared around Lei Zhe, and the black arrow quickly pierced through the ice wall and shot towards Lei Zhe.

There was a roar in Xia Gan's mind, and all the scenes in front of him disappeared. He once again saw a huge golden figure in the endless starry sky, surrounded by five-clawed golden dragons, and the universe was subdued under his feet!

"Yes! Knight Commander." .

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Lei Zhe would always carefully explain everything in the surrounding area, and now Lilith is like a baby just born in this world, so naturally she cannot do without Lei Zhe's guidance. .

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