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"Me!" Dong Wenjun took two steps back, he was a little angry when Dong Junmao slapped him twice, "Brother, I was venting my anger on you, you hit me?" ... home loans for bad credit ohio

test. www.midland mortgage Naturally, he couldn't say until the color of the water completely returned to normal. After all, he needed to use his skills to absorb the power of the medicine, and ordinary people could only exert part of the medicine's effect by smearing and soaking. ….

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mortgage calculator ontario - credit problem home loans . "No, she's on vacation today. Hurry up and go there. If you make money, you can treat her to dinner." Zhao Feifei laughed. |.

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He understands that the current self is very ordinary, not outstanding in appearance, and has little money, but this does not mean that he will be like this in the future, after all, with the Fudo God King Art in his hand, this thing is an extraordinary existence... ...

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A sound of the alarm clock woke up Qian Shan from his practice, and Zhao Feifei, who seemed to have found a little feeling, suddenly felt dizzy for a while.

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"Qianshan, I won't be able to introduce you well in a while, so don't blame me, I'm really not very familiar with the business." Pang Dongyan was a little embarrassed.

Seeing so many people here, Qian Shan couldn't help but said to Pang Dongyan with some doubts: "There are so many people here, why did you go over there to distribute leaflets? Isn't it better to distribute leaflets here?"

Zhao Feifei blushed and patted him lightly: "I hate it!"

"Ha, I'm Yu Chenchen, a member of this club. I often come here to practice boxing and fitness in my spare time. Will you take over as a training partner? If so, how many games will you play with me?" Yu Chenchen said with a smile, not caring about Qianshan's current situation at all.

Pang Dongyan smiled slightly: "It's okay, within the scope of work, then if you have nothing to do, I will go in first?"

"They?" Qian Shan smiled wryly and shook his head: "They are not big fools, they are the ones who grew up bright and paid me to send them up to be beaten."

Immediately, Dong Junmao shouted loudly: "Stop!"

Qian Shan got up and left the office directly. The people he was looking for were Zhao Feifei and Su Yushan at the front desk. They had already used this product, which must prove that the effect of the potion is not a problem.

Being able to prepare such a potion will definitely make money, and the Qianshan people are indeed very kind, enthusiastic, and brave, but as far as personal aesthetics is concerned...she still can't accept Qianshan for the time being, but thinking about it, it seems I didn't pursue myself, I thought too much. .

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