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Jiang Li asked Heilian suspiciously: "What is it doing?" ... which is better a small business loan or line of credit

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The golden-eyed crow nodded and flew with peace of mind. At the same time, a pair of eyes scanned the ground, looking for Han Songling's whereabouts. .

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There is no way, these big demons are getting bigger and bigger one by one, and they are rampaging, let alone ordinary reporters like them, even tall buildings will be knocked down. ...

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When Eunuch Liu saw that Jiang Li was unmoved, he felt dissatisfied immediately, raised his chin slightly and said, "I'm asking you something."

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In the end, Daha looked at Jiang Li very seriously and said, "I thought about it for a long time, can we have dinner first?"

Jiang Li looked at him, gave him a blank look and said, "Get out, your hair is black, your skin is black, how can I see if your eyes are dark? Seriously, what's going on?"

Everyone petrified again, and they found that they were not on the same line with Jiang Li's thinking mode. In other words, Jiang Li's way of thinking is completely different from normal people!

Just like that, the two of them stood on the road strangely, a crow landed on their shoulders.

These runes were deliberately suppressed by Da Ha, each one was only the size of a fingernail, but where is this place? The palace!

A large ten-meter-long footprint appeared around him, and the footprint fell and the ground collapsed

In the real outside world, everyone's strength can only reach the realm of knowing the sky at best, and the way to go further has long been broken.

So Jiang Li said to the microphone: "I don't want to move away, let's sing a cappella."

We will send a few new satellites later, and your problem will basically be solved.

Jiang Li thought about it carefully, he is really not a monk. so shook his head .

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Jiang Li's cheap face appeared on the video again, but this time his expression was very serious. .

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