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Everything that happened at this moment was completely beyond Mu Wuluo's expectations. .

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The Four Great Sacred Grounds will inevitably have a set of strict screening mechanisms for the disciples recruited into the gate wall, so as to prevent the occurrence of two or five youngsters. ...

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The bright sword light was in full bloom, as if a folding fan was spread flat in front of An Ran!

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Wan Chongshan finally stopped talking, with his hands hanging down his sleeves, his face full of despair.

This is like using Jiang Jinchen as a training partner!

He was originally at the end of Feixian Road, and being knocked back to the 50% progress bar was enough to drive him crazy.

"In any case, the preliminaries of the audition should be in the form of a group arena, maybe... I should prepare some water?"

Otherwise, there is no need to insist on asking him to have a new name.

"The former members of the Iron Bone Sect will be the coaches of the Yuanshen Pavilion in the future, and will be responsible for teaching the basic methods."

Before, she thought it was An Ran who blocked her, but now that An Ran asked her to get the bronze mirror, there was no need to continue to block her.

Even so, it was already extremely astonishing.

Looking at another space in Sendai.

A Tianjiao opened his eyes blankly, his face turned red with anger: "What kind of rule is this, and who made this rule?!" .

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Emperor Ziwei still had a calm face one moment, but the next moment the hairs all over his body stood on end, his back felt cold, and he rushed out of the carriage almost without hesitation. .

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