seterus mortgage clause
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【first source mortgage 】 "Do you like him, Cheng Yu?" Shangguan Zetian suddenly asked this seemingly redundant question. 。

When Chen Mingzhe spoke, Chu Shaoyan was slightly surprised in his heart. This person encountered such a big change, but he was still as calm as if nothing had happened, without showing the slightest panic. Moreover, his speech was very organized, and he shirked all his responsibilities in a few words. This guy is quite powerful, why haven't I heard of it before?

"Actually, what's wrong with merging the three groups?" Duan Mulan suddenly said in shock, "I think in the long run, the three major groups, Huading Group, Huali Group, and Guanghui Group, must be merged!"

"Polar bears are bloodthirsty, so the Eskimos use the blood of seals to freeze into ice, and at the same time hide sharp knives in the ice in advance, and then put the blood ice cubes in the places where polar bears come and go. After the polar bears smell the blood, they start to lick the ice. The sharp blade was exposed and cut the polar bear's tongue, bleeding out. Since the tongue had been frozen before, there was no pain, but the polar bear's sense of smell felt the taste of fresh blood, so it desperately licked its own blood until Bleeding out and falling prey to Eskimos..."

Chu Shaoyan silently put down the hand that was supporting him, and lowered his body in front of him.

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Chu Shaoyan asked her in her ear, and placed her in an extremely hidden bush, then found a pit in a ditch, lay down, took out a large amount of snow from the pit to cover herself, breathed out inside and out. Suddenly, snowflakes flew up and scattered all around, obliterating all traces.
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This kind of official article is impeccable in terms of procedure and jurisprudence. Although some people with ulterior motives use chicken feathers as arrows to show off their power everywhere, but sensible people can see through it at a glance.
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When more than a dozen people fell to the ground, those guys realized that something was wrong, and started looking for enemies everywhere in a chaotic manner. At this time, Chu Shaoyan went around to the back of the ancestral hall again and launched a sneak attack on the guys there.
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How many people are there in this world who can intrude within ten meters of you before you notice? Chu Shaoyan is not clear, but this is the first one since his debut.
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"How about we take turns betting to see who is lucky?" Chu Shaoyan put forward his suggestion, and Lady Huading immediately agreed.
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When Chu Shaoyan entered the door, he saw her immediately. Jinghua was wearing a gray woolen skirt, sitting quietly at the table, maybe she was thinking, but she didn't even notice that Chu Shaoyan was walking beside her.
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When she uttered the words "Love between Master and Servant", Chu Shaoyan suddenly squinted over, his eyes swept across like ice-cold blades, and wherever they passed, everyone shivered.
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"You have merit today, and that top chick from the business school will reward you later!" the boss said lightly.
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