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【500 installment loan california online 】 Su Nian lay on the bed, looked at Mo Lingxiao who was reading seriously, and unconsciously clenched the quilt with both hands, racking his brains to think about how to coax Mo Lingxiao to bed. 。

"The Hua family is a business family that controls the Tianda Group, a well-known large company in Taiwan. As the successor of the Hua family and the future general manager of the Tianda Group, if David Hua only uses this little cleverness, then he is not worthy to be The successor of the Hua family."

"No, I'm still worried. I'm going to watch him. I can't let him take the risk alone. It's too dangerous. He may be robbed at any time. He can't be injured, absolutely not."


Looking around, Su Nian felt a little fear in his heart, no matter how advanced his cultivation was now, he was also timid in the face of thousands of resentful spirits.

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"Why am I so unlucky, can't I have a talking ghost?"
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Leng Aotian differed from Su Nian's astonishment, always felt that Su Nian's performance today was exceptionally abnormal, looking back and forth at the jade pendant he handed him as if he had seen it before.
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Liao Jinyu was coughed continuously by Su Nianqi, clutching her chest, wishing she could peel off Su Nian's skin.
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As soon as the words were finished, the second whip fell fiercely on Mo Lingxiao's back, and the snow-white robe was torn apart by the whip again. The snow-white robe paired with bright red blood was really eye-catching.
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After hearing General Cai Ba's words, Ka Suo's expression did not change at all. It seemed to him that General Cai Ba's choice at this time was very normal.
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Consciously wronged, although he was angry with Chen Ye and wanted to continue to get angry, but looking at his big brother Jiang Hexuan, Liu Nanxing couldn't express it, so he hesitated for a while and whispered to Jiang Hexuan: "I didn't mean it, I just wanted to turn over Go through that person's body to see if there are any clues on the back, who knows that his arm is so fragile that it will break if touched."
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In the mountains and forests in the early morning, the light mist has not yet dissipated, and there are a few residual stars hanging in the blue sky. After rubbing his hazy eyes, Er Bao pouted as if he had forgotten where he was. Calling: "Brother Dabao, Brother Dabao."
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Su Nian shook her head, shook off the unrealistic thoughts in her mind, turned over and got out of bed.
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