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"I'm going back to England in a few days, I don't want to sleep..." The little witch's eyes suddenly turned red, and she leaned her head gently on his shoulder, "Brother, do you know? I study hard every day, almost I didn't go out to play much. Because I want to be a talent like my sister, and help you manage the company's business in the future..." ... can i claim the interest paid on my small business loan

test. small office home office loan Luo Zhifeng glanced at her suddenly, his gaze was as menacing as a knife's edge: "Girl, go out and wait." ….

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sa small loan of a million dollars my father gave me a small loan of a million ."You, you are messing around!" Chu Shaoyan took a towel to wipe her sweat, but Bai Feiyan held his hand and pressed it to her face. Her breathing was disordered and hot, but her face was cold, and the sweat was still there The muscles on her face were spasming involuntarily, which made her extremely morbidly crazy. .

"I still want to take advantage of this lady and kick this pervert to death!" said the little witch triumphantly. .

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"Mercedes-Benz sports car?" Lu Lingyou's eyes widened like a manga girl's, and she nodded like a chicken pecking at rice: "Yes, of course! The Mercedes-Benz sports car, it's so cool!" ...

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The old monk had no merit, being so slighted by Chu Shaoyan, he couldn't help becoming angry, he changed his boxing style, and attacked with fast fists, his arms swayed, as if dozens of arms and fists were hitting at the same time. Seeing his stormy attack, everyone was startled: What a set of Chibadhara Palm! Master Yongjia will definitely be able to sit firmly among the top 10 masters of Shaoshi Mountain!

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"I'm not joking." The girl said, her eyes were very persistent.

Chu Shaoyan smiled faintly, Taiqing's magical power was secretly carried in the palm of his hand, and suddenly a strange light flowed in the car, and the whole space was distorted instantly, and the palm of that hand was as transparent as jade, full of brilliance, and every meridian and blood vessel was extremely clear !

"I came here from the Dabie Mountains..." The big brother's eyes were as dazzling as the sun, Liu Xiyao hardly dared to raise her head, she lowered her head and said in a low voice.

This time his injuries cannot be said to be serious, with multiple fractures, severe blows to his lungs, and countless scars on the rest of his body. However, the man had suffered enough injuries in the previous twenty years of his life, and these injuries were nothing compared to them.

Zidie smiled and said: "What are you doing, you want to bite me yourself?"

Wu Tianming is not a suicidal person. Chu Shaoyan knew this from the few times he had dealt with him. This person is impatient, irritable, self-willed, but he pays great attention to maintaining his body. He is very particular about his diet. He does not smoke, drink, or eat fatty and heavy food. It is said that his daily life is also very regular.

Chu Shaoyan was helpless, he couldn't speak for a while, thinking in his heart whether to accept it or not? The woman rushes around at night, but is she Li Jing?

Ye Jinlin frowned slightly: "Secretary Wang, it's still very difficult to overthrow Ren Bold with these things, after all, there are people above him!"

At 4:30 in the afternoon, when Chu Shaoyan was reviewing the accounts of the battery company under his name, Guan Nuoxue suddenly called in a panic and said that Liu Xiyao was missing!

Chu Shaoyan said again: "As for Ji Zhonghao, I will leave it to Wu Tianhao. Mouse, if you have any problems with the equipment, you can also borrow it from Tanlu Detective Agency. I recently equipped them with priceless special equipment, which is very complete. .” .

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Hua Youlan, the leader of the Butterfly Gang, is only 35 years old, isn't she about the same age as the female deputy mayor Li Rongrong? Chu Shaoyan was slightly taken aback, but calmed down immediately. Obviously, she should have been in love since she was in middle school, and she had a child when she was just an adult... .

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