a small loan of a million dollers 1080 p
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【small business loan for commercial real estate 】 Illusory Immortal Gu is just a rank one Gu! 。

This counter-shock force is hard to guard against and irresistible.

The fourth grade Spirit Gu and the fourth grade Legendary Gu have not come out, they are still underground.


Wang Baiji frowned and said: "And one of the biggest strange things about Su Ran is that no one has ever seen him control Gu. He has no blood fire aura, and it always feels wrong to say that he is a purple blood fire."

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Usually the relationship between the two parties has been hidden, but now they directly report their families...
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no need.
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There was a big blue stone slab under the violent ape. When the violent ape stepped on the stone slab, there was a slight vibrating sound from the stone slab.
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Lei Wang shook his head and turned back to Beiyuan City.
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When the result of Su Ran's battle against the Eight Great Gu Masters was reported to Wan Gu Tower, Wang Qinshu and Wang Baiji were leisurely playing chess.
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Yuan Batian paused, and said: "One year is fine, otherwise the time will be longer, and the gang members below will not agree with you."
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Qiao Yan smiled: "I knew he would join the battle. Su Ran has rejected the invitation of the City Lord's Mansion many times. He must not be willing to be inferior. He must start from scratch and make a career. How can he join the City Lord's Mansion? In three days I'll have to figure out how to tease him."
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The mist protozoa cannot leave the sea for too long, so the mist protozoa rarely go to land, and only fly on the sea surface.
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