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【how do you get a cancellation of debt on student loan 】 "Ah!? Hehe, brother Shaoyan, what are you doing? No need...hehe!" 。

"Uh... oh—" Huangmao's eyeballs almost burst, he howled miserably, and then fainted.

Have you read too many comic books? Chu Shaoyan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and said, "Uh... Well, as far as I know, there are no monsters here. If it's not surprising, the environment here is similar to the earth."

Subsequently, the war between Zhao Zhaoping, secretary general of the municipal party committee, and Xu Cen, or Xu Yuanpei, the deputy mayor, was far from over.

Toyotomi Maaya stared at the stern back of the man in the rock, with the corners of her diamond-shaped mouth slightly raised, she nodded and said, "President Shangguan, your assistant is really a man of spirit. I would like to ask a question, I heard that he is your... ..."

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As he said that, the guy waved his hand, and hundreds of police officers surrounded them in separate ways. Threatened by guns and authority, thousands of boys and girls dared not move, and many of them even crouched on the ground trembling with fright.
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Chu Shaoyan was startled, pushed him away slightly, and saw that his left leg was quite inconvenient, and asked with concern: "Is it serious? How much will it affect the action?"
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"Haha, no way!" Guan Nuoxue laughed triumphantly, "Sister Yan, if you lose, you lose. Why change the subject? Isn't there an indescribable history behind every official? Sister Rong and Lin Lin... woo woo..."
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"Don't fight, there will be nothing left in the store if you continue to fight!" The big man in the Golden Dragon Martial Arts Hall was about to cry, he took the hand of the giant ax gang, and chopped down with the sharp ax without mercy; stopped Hong Lian Society members, those guys' eyes were red, and they swung down the machetes and iron bars viciously!
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Fatty An said with a smile: "I think the boss has always been clever, and this time he will definitely come to save us!"
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Masri repeatedly said yes, and praised him greatly. At this time, the Propaganda Minister took a step forward and asked, "Secretary, this time the head of the Provincial Party Committee is here to guide the work. Do you want to send out the propaganda draft and broadcast the news on the county TV station?"
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Chu Shaoyan even heard the voice of this sloppy guy standing at attention and saluting on the phone. He smiled faintly, started the car, and dialed Wu Tianhao's number at the same time.
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Almost at the same time, Chu Shaoyan's figure flickered, and he rushed towards the West Railway Station Hotel in the provincial capital like an arrow!
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