whats the latest on student loan forgiveness
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【how long is student loan deferment after graduation 】 Clouds and waters live far away. 。

Could it be bitten by a Gu insect?

Bai Meier just took advantage of talking about Jue Yue and secretly let the Gu worm in her body slip away, but was discovered by Su Ran's red pupil, so she suddenly became violent.

"Boy Su, don't worry, your body's injuries can be healed. External injuries will heal within a few days. As for internal injuries, I'll give you a few tonics. If you take care of yourself for a while, you should... be fine." Speaking of internal injuries, Yaopo's tone was a little uncertain.

Su Ran, on the other hand, stood and listened calmly, nodding from time to time.

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Su Ran ignored the flying sword and arrows behind him. The flying swords and arrows moved together. No matter how fast he was, it would be difficult to dodge him. He decided not to dodge. He only guarded the key parts. Even if he was shot, he would still fight Zhongjiao Shuyuan.
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Those with a background can use the Qiling ascending product to cultivate Gu worms, which is simple and convenient, while those without background can use a different species of ascending product to cultivate Gu worms.
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He can't wait, if the blood wolf finds the right opportunity to act first, his life will be over!
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In fact, Su Ran still had a vague guess in his mind, that is, the mysterious Gu worm that Xiao Yong was looking for, could it be the Gu worm in Uncle Li's hand?
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And outside this boudoir, a pair of eyes are looking at everything in the room through a small hole in the window paper.
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Quickly exit the berserk state, and add another red warm lotus seed.
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thump thump——
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