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"Fear! It's completely unstoppable..." .

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Lei Zhe walked out of the portal, followed by the Corrupted Dragon. The appearance of Sonas quickly attracted the attention of the knights. A dragon's cub appeared beside him. Erma couldn't help swallowing wildly.

Lei Zhe, who was in the manor, also had a general understanding through Colmar's constant report. It is a good thing to be lively, but Lei Zhe has no plan to open the square during the day. Many of the squares are equipped with special lighting equipment, mainly for night services. .

"You! I don't care, the four invitation letters... If you don't give me, I'll be stuck here today."

Looking at Lei Zhe, a strong man in the cage who walked aside alone and let the hostess grab his hair and swing it, he felt a little ashamed. These people have lost their dignity.

Lei Zhe made it, can I eat it? He is skeptical about this.

"You guy cut off the sword on purpose, do you want me to pay you back?" Lei Zhe looked at Augsig in front of him jokingly.

The few bodyguards next to him could only smile wryly. They were just martial artists who were much better than ordinary people, but Lei Zhe was already in the category of perverts. He could slap people into the air, and that kind of operation could only be seen in TV dramas. See inside.

Energy is switched on.

This is the unique food that the old man and Golden Arch Bridge have entered into the world. The deliciousness is self-evident. The best food Irene has ever eaten is just some simple meals made by Lei Zhe. This is the first time I have tasted this delicious food The reason why he didn't call out directly was because his mouth couldn't relax.

"Hmph, another idiot, it's really like birds of a feather flock together." .

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Just like a diamond, it is thrown into a furnace and smelted to remove impurities, leaving only the exquisite and translucent essence! .

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