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【refinance bad credit car loans 】 The Illusory Immortal Gu has been in Su Ran's hands for less than two years, but in Ming Gushan's hands, he experienced a downgraded rebirth. When Su Ran took over, he was just three years old. 。

In order to resist the corrosion of the fog, Saint Feixian made a completely enclosed stone armor. He used a Gu tool made by an eye-type Gu insect and placed it outside to see things. The Gu tool has been seriously worn out; The Gu worms in the small space continuously spit out the air in the small space inside the closed stone armor for him to breathe.

A large number of water treasure mice fell to the ground, all without breathing.

Su Ran took out the Qishengqin: "Well said, I don't mind showing it to you."

"Let me see." Su Ran happily looked at the seventh-rank Huanxian.

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On the stone pillar, Wangu Tower has three enemies and four, which can suppress the opponent by a small amount.
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Tens of thousands of people?
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"Liu Sheng?"
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Su Ran frowned slightly.
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"The four inheritance places, one master and three assistants, all have entry restrictions. The three assistant inheritances are tested for murderous aura, domineering aura, and evil aura respectively. You can enter with the corresponding aura. The main inheritance place requires all three auras. "
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"The end of the crossbow!"
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Mi Fang, the shadow guard who used the first-grade spiritual Gu to explore the way before, probably fell from the sky after being passed away by the Kui Fang Tang, causing him to leave the Kui Fang Tang for the first time, unable to go back, and was killed by the Gu beast .
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Su Ran couldn't resist the peak strength of the eighth grade, but Chan Yuezi reached Qiyuan, which also strengthened his consciousness defense at the same time, so he shouldn't be killed by Qishengqin in seconds.
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