what step can you take if your credit application is denied?
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【when does the finance charge begin to accrue on the credit card from the local department store? 】 "Aren't you going to escape?" The Realm Demon said calmly. 。

Lin Xiabei: "The Desolate City of Outland."

"Only number one in the human domain?"

Yue Nuer: "Actually, if you are not a demon envoy, you can go with me to develop in the continent controlled by Yangyue, but you don't have the appearance of a soldier of Yangyue, and you can't hide your identity in the continent of Yangyue, so you should pretend to be a ghost in the Gu Immortal site Gu Immortal, more appropriate."

Try using the human-controlling spores first, it's not a loss anyway!

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perfect condition!
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