where can i get a small loan to buy a golf cart
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【small business bridge loan 】 Looking at this scene, Jiang Li suddenly felt sore in his heart. 。

There was a sound of propeller turning, Jiang Li turned his head, and saw Da Ha and his dog son forming a helicopter. A dog son waved his mobile phone and shouted: "Boss, our plane also has navigation."

Jiang Li said, "What will happen if you use force?"

"Two... two fingers?" someone screamed.

Even so, Jiang Li was a little surprised, the opponent's speed was really fast!

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Ivanov threw the cigarette butt on the ground, stamped it out, then slapped his chest and said, "My good brother, I believe you! When I kill Jiang Li, you will be my best buddy, and you will be honored and honored." !"
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"Jiang Li, your strength surprised me." Varnan said with a relaxed face.
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The old man shouted: "Brother, why do you still let me go mining after you believe me?"
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Although Morey was strong, he still compromised in the face of so many forces and so many people.
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Ivanov said, "Li Er."
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The ancestor's message really caused the hearts of the five major families to hang up... After all, it was the most powerful and powerful ancestor who left behind, so he had to believe it and treat it with caution.
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Seeing this scene, many people became anxious and attacked the mask one after another. However, the mask is very strange, it is easy to be broken, but it will heal the moment it is broken. That kind of self-healing speed does not give anyone the possibility to break out.
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