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"Tch!" Luo Yun suddenly laughed, and stretched out his slender finger to poke his forehead: "You also lose your temper? I thought your heart could really be flattered, and you would never get angry!" ... typical military small business loan

test. small business loan application michigan As the former supreme commander of China's elite special forces, Long Juntian's heroism and courage are beyond doubt. His way of breaking the usual practice in the officialdom shocked everyone in the audience, and it also made people look at Chu Shaoyan with admiration. With the full support of the Jiangcheng military, this young man's power is extraordinary! ….

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"Wow, it's delicious!" Guan Nuoxue, who was reincarnated from a starving ghost, was the first to snatch the rice in a bamboo tube. As soon as she ate it, her eyes widened bigger than a light bulb and said, "From now on, I will ask Chu Shaoyan to make rice in a bamboo tube for me every day." I eat, hum!" .

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"What do you mean by not coming back?" Shangguan Zetian asked anxiously. ...

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"Also, Lan Lan, Xu Qi, and Mi Qiao, I will also guard them for you, brother. Whoever dares to cheat, I will break her leg!"

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"You are so powerful, you are not from the Jiangcheng weightlifting team, are you?" a soldier laughed.

Another big fat man was panting from the heat, and he also stood up and shouted, "I'm from Beibei Tangkou... Uh, Tangkou Shipping Company. We also admit 200 people. Let's go back for a physical examination!"

"Lan Lan, you... you want to leave?" The little witch yelled in shock, her face full of disbelief.

"He said that if he didn't see the will, he couldn't provide any information, and all laws are based on facts."

"Just tell me, what's the relationship with this girl?" Luo Zhifeng pointed at Ye Jinlin, his words had a northern accent, very distinctive.

"Sister Yun is not in good health recently, and has gone back to Hangzhou for recuperation. As for the cooperation between the two companies, she will send someone to Jiangcheng immediately." Ye Jinlin said in a low voice.

"By the way, have any of you heard of Huali Group's 1 billion debt certificate?"

Su Yimei nodded vigorously, wiped away her tears and said decisively: "There is no second way to go! As soon as I think of him now, I think of the scene of that ugly black body hugging that seductive woman naked, I...I want to Disgusting!"

"I see. I ordered someone to purchase from Guizhou and send it over yesterday. Now, it should have entered the border of Yunxi. I will let them contact you and Uncle Lin, and you will distribute these materials at that time!"

After bidding farewell to Ye Changning, Jiang Jiafeng, Ye Jinlin and others, Shangguan Zetian motorcade sped towards Xianyuan Real Estate. Although there are quite a lot of incidents at the moment, dealing with the internal thieves in Huading is the first priority, and Shangguan Zetian does not hesitate on this point. .

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Ten minutes later, Chu Shaoyan came to the pond through the woods. This pond is not simple - Chu Shaoyan commented so at first sight. It seems that the dozens of rocks in the Jiuqu Pond are arranged according to the so-called Jiugong Bagua formation. Although there are only a few dozen stones, if you look closely, there is a strong murderous look. .

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